What you will learn

Learn about user intent, writing with rhythm, and article structure.

    1. Using an Article Quality Checklist

    1. User Intent: Stick to the Topic

    2. Break Down the Theme and Topic

    3. Write With Depth: No Thin Content

    1. Article Titles and Promises

    2. Write a Compelling Introduction

    1. Write With Rhythm: Make Words Dance

    1. Use Consistent Capitalisation

    2. Write Useful Sub-Headings

    3. Summarise Sub-Headings

    1. Add Visual Interest

    2. Tables & Data

    3. Blockquotes & Testimonials

Create content that people pay for.

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Learn the Right Skills

Learn the skills required to survive and thrive in a market crowded with content mills and AI tools.

  • Content People Want

    Learn how to write and create content that readers will find useful, easy to understand, and highly relevant to their needs.

  • Content That Ranks

    Learn how to generate high-quality content that ranks well with search engine algorithms such as Google and Bing.

  • Content That Pays

    Learn how to become a respected writer and content creator that clients trust implicitly, value highly, and pay well.

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